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TR Woodcrafts Collections

Here at TR Custom, we like to use as much of the tree as possible.  What others throw away as “stained” or “discolored” wood, we see as potential for unique inspiring pieces.  Each collection tells a story.  It starts with the tree/wood.  Where did we find it? How did we manage to harvest it?  What is the potential?  Typically, when we find a great tree, we make a few pieces to show off it’s characteristics.  We always leave the majority of the tree in our inventory so that it allows the customer as much customization and flexibility as possible.  This also allows us to cross over between collections.  If you see a style or design that intrigues you within a collection, but you like the tree in another, we can mix and match wherever your creative mind takes you.

New Hartford Elm

What a find this tree was.  It was cut down in New Hartford CT by the power company as it was endangering homes and power lines.  This tree was MASSIVE!  At the base it measured about 63 inches across at the widest section.  This tree is unique in that it is absolutely FLAWLESS!  Not rot, no punk, no holes, just beautiful interlocking elm grain.  A few pieces have already been created.  A few more are on order, but guess what, this tree is huge, contact us today to get your share.

Harwinton Elm Collection

This tree was a stunning example of an old growth American Elm located in Harwinton Connecticut.  It had a 36-inch diameter trunk 20 feet high before the first branch appeared.  The canopy was supported by a beautiful pedestal of four 20-inch diameter branches, which make for stunning figure. 
Unfortunately, the tree was sickened with Dutch Elm Disease.  The disease is spread by elm bark beetles and is an infectious strain of the fungus that arose in North America in the early 20th century and has destroyed the majority of American elms. 
The beautiful figure, combined with the fungi stains throughout the entire tree make an impressive piece of furniture that will be a true centerpiece and conversation piece in any room.  The size and scope of this tree make design possibilities of this tree limitless.

Nod Creek Collection

Nod Creek butts up against the back of my property.  It floods multiple times a year due to a pesky beaver downstream. Efficiently blocking the valley like only a beaver can, it lays waste to a swath of New England forest floor to create a knee-deep swampland. The forest still fights on, but an occasional wind storm or wet New England Ice storm will tackle a standing tree roots and all.  Being a “tree guy” I take walks and survey the damage after each storm. A few winters ago, it was cold enough to walk out on the ice and dislodge some of the fallen trunk from the ice.  After several days of back breaking work, I eventually was able winch a large porting of an ash tree out.  I could see fungi growing in and around the tree and I was hoping that I wasn’t too late.  Luckily I was able to mill and dry the lumber and save about 70% of the wood before rot set in.  The results are stunning!  Spalted ash leaves wonderful black and brown patterns throughout the wood which are impossible to replicate.  You will find this wood appearing in several other collections as accent pieces as well as the main Nod Creek Collection.     

Sun Valley Collection

This huge straight black walnut tree was found in Southington Connecticut.  It was deemed a danger to the house at such close proximity and needed to come down.  Luckily, I caught wind of the tree removal and was able to put in my bid and secure the transaction.  Regardless of its size, it was a relatively young tree and had a lot of new growth on in.  Many lumber yards and wood “experts” are always looking for the dark colored heartwood.  At TR custom we love the contrast between the sap wood and heartwood especially in dark colored woods like Walnut.  This tree is milled into 2-inch thick slabs about 10 feet long and offer several interesting patterns.  It has been kiln dried and is ready for a commissioned piece.  Just as a teaser, we constructed a mirror that shows the wonderful contrast between the sap and heartwood.  You can also see a sneak peak of this wood on the legs of the “cookie table” in the Harwinton Elm collection.

Windsor Barn Collection

The black walnut used in this collection was found in a barn in Windsor Connecticut.  The tree was cut in 1997.  I came across it in 2007.  After several negotiations I finally convinced the owner to part with some of the tree.  The tree was a piece of art by itself, I was absolutely terrified to cut it up.  I held onto it until about 2014 when I finally worked up the courage to cut such a beautiful piece of wood.  It has produced several pieces of wonderful furniture.  Some of the pieces like the “Farmhouse Table” contrast nicely with cherry, which was also found in the barn.  Others such as “Into thin Air” have some beautiful spalted ash worked in.  The spalted ash was “poached” from the Nod Creek Collection. 

Hatchet Hill Collection

Coming Soon!

Who likes oak burl?  I do!  This is, to date, the largest intact burl I have ever seen.  It was left after the power company strafed the roadside to clean off the powerlines.  With total disregard for the exceptional size of the feature, the power company did puncture a good section of it with their saw which prevents us from creating a complete circle, but at nearly 5 feet in diameter, that doesn’t really matter.  Even with a 60-inch chainsaw, it took nearly 3 hours to dislodge the burl from the stump.  Eventually, we muscled it into the trailer.  It is currently in the kiln drying and we are impatiently waiting with baited breath to see what creations can come from it.  Looking for preorders/designs to get the ball rolling.  Contact us if interested.   

Hop Meadow Willow Collection

Coming Soon!

This is a project in the making.  A HUGE willow tree was blown down in a windstorm between the 17th and 18th fairway at Hop Meadow Country Club in Simsbury CT.  We’re still in the middle of cutting it up.  Unfortunately the main trunk is rotted through, but higher up the tree looks sound.  There are easily over 100 burls all over this tree, so the potential for wild grain is high.  Stay tuned as we harvest and dry the balance.  Good things to come…

Morristown Maple Collection

Coming Soon!

We’re definitely excited about this maple we found in Morris CT.  The large crack that runs the length of the trunk screams for a river table.  Slabs up to about 28 inches wide are available for single piece tables or we can bookmatch for even larger projects.

Wethersfield Walnut Collection

Coming Soon!

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This beautiful black walnut out of Wethersfield CT is amazing.  Founded in 1634 Wethersfield is arguably the oldest town in Connecticut, complete with picturesque colonial houses that date back to pre-revolutionary war times.  This tree helped line one of the historic streets. Despite years of nails and signs being hung, this tree soldiered on, until a massive infestation of carpenter ants finally took hold. What some might see as ruined wood, we here at TR Custom see the potential for some serious artwork. These slabs have the intricate workings of an ant colony that only nature can produce. The possibilities for epoxy to accentuate these features are limitless.  Looking for pre orders and commission work.  Please contact us if interested.    

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